Father Montana

Not sure what the uproar about the exposed back picture was when they had this one in that same VF article... Click below for Billy Ray's 1992 sexiness!

So, as I’ve mentioned in passing, the illustrious Mr. Carmine Covelli will be portraying the role of Father Montana in Brave New Girl. I gave him the following video, sent me by Mr. Brendan Kennedy, idea man and Catan champion, and I would like to share it with you.

Click here to watch Billy Ray wipe the sweat from his hair.

Also, I just saw Dolly Parton’s Dollywood special on Hallmark (more on that soon), which features Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus as Dolly is Miley’s “fairy godmother” and Dolly had this to say about Billy Ray:

“A lot of people think he’s just good looking, likes to get out there and shake his booty, but he’s really a deep person.”

Also, looking uplinks for this post, I found this very weird, smeary video tribute to Billy and Miley’s relationship. Wow:

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