Epic: dogs, commitment, marriage, the police, breast augmentation, figuring out who one is, mistakes, adulthood, stalkers, hillbillies, and mathematics.

(thanks Brendan!)

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Robbie Ray Mustache/Soul Patch Variations, a Conceptual Art Piece

When Billy Ray Cyrus plays Miley Stewart’s father, Robbie Ray Stewart, he has a soul patch: When he goes in disguise as Hannah Montana’s manager, a character without a name really, except sometimes Mr. Montana, he puts on a fake mustache, which complements said soul patch: Carmine, Farris and I grew Robbie Ray mustache/soul patch combos as part of a conceptual art project called Robbie Ray Variations. We present the results of this collaborative art piece below:

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I’m On a Hannah Montana Poster

Check out the Chinese Communist feel to this picture!

Disney’s putting out one final Hannah Montana CD, Hannah Montana Forever, on October 19 and if you pre-order it, you can submit a photo of yourself that will be included on a photo mosaic poster and in a video. I obviously pre-ordered and will get one of the posters in the mail in late October.

Wanna know how this made me feel?

Like this:

That's me in the glasses...

If you do this pre-ordering and photo uploading for the poster thing, post a comment with a screengrab!

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Wait, hold up, did this just happen???

‘President Obama’ shows up at the end of a Hannah Montana episode and helps her get back into her high school for senior year??

See 4 minutes and 25 seconds in:

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…Her’s A Queen Image of the Day

I do not know when or who took this, but I like it.

It’s from the part of …Her’s a Queen where I kill Pea in a Pod by stabbing him and Bit O’ Honey candies come pouring out of his stomach.

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Role Models

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We’re Presenting a Few Minutes of the Show!

At Catch 40, Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 8pm at the Bushwick Starr in Brooklyn.

Come see it, we’re very curious to see how these segments of the show work in front of live Americans.

Plus, it’s Catch’s 7th anniversary, the line-up is great, and I’ll be DJing!

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